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Working during Covid19 shutdown!

This terrible pandemic cannot stop us! After Hélène had to go home before her country shutdown and blocked her outside, we did a lot of work on pines and pampas grass. pampas is originally from South America and it is not welcome here. After pine felling it is usually taking over and covering the land. The first pampas showed up a few months ago and now that it is flowering season they are showing off with puffs of flowers. We went to cut those out, literally hundreds of them and next i will poison the plants. We also collected manuka and kanuka pods from tea trees on the home-bush and spread them on the land, a job that I will keep doing for the next month or so. And finally, we started planting the seeds that I had been collecting for the past two months and stratified at home (treated to make them germinate). After a visit at Blue Nikau nursery where we met kind Lisa and got a few pots for free (thank you Ben), we had a better idea on how to plant seeds. It is not clear if the nearby nursery will be able to stay open and provide us with trees, but we keep seeding the way we can do, in the meanwhile. I will keep you posted!

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