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Naturopathy in NZ and in IT - Science-based Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Massages


Thai massage

From the ancient traditions of Asian and Hawaiian people comes the wisdom of caring for the body to treat malfunctions, pain, illnesses, unmanaged and locked emotions through the touch.


Further, specific  applications of kinesio-tape will help relieve problems of chronic contractions, tendonitis, physical traumas, joint movement restrictions etc.

The touch of the Traditional Yoga Thai massage is knowledgeable of the body, the internal organs and the Thai equivalent of the meridian system (sen).


Through deep and precise pressures, tractions, torsions of the body, different blockages at the joints level are solved, flexibility is regained, energy is restored.


Yoga Thai massage originated in India at the time of Buddha more than 2.500 years ago.


It works with pressure and torsions on muscles and joints in different parts of the body, and on the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems as well as on the internal organs. A complete treatment for full restoration.

Tradition Thai Tok Sen treatment



This is a traditional style of applying Thai massage still used on the mountains of Thailand and taught by few old masters.


It uses wooden tools to tap on specific parts of the body to obtain therapeutic vibrations.


We include it in a full body Yoga Thai when necessary and when agreed upon by the client.

A Thai traditional massage that touches all parts of the body via reflex stimulations under the foot. An intense foot massage that solicits the points under the sole and stretches the foot and leg muscles while working all joints.  

Traditional Thai massage
Hawaiian massage

The strokes of the traditional Lomilomi of the Hawai'ian people are deep, thorough, long, smooth, like the movement of waves on the beach. Born in the Polynesians culture, it was applied by kahunas as part of a whole procedure of health restoration, including purifications, salt water cleanse, prayers, special diets.

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an intense full body massage that dissolves tightness and brings relaxation to the muscles, while touching all organ systems all the way to the depths of the bones. Not only deeply relaxing, it is also therapeutic.

Traditional therapeutic Hawaiian hot stone massage

A special form of Lomilomi, it is a massage done with volcanic hot stones. Peebles are gathered from the beach, chosen to be perfectly smooth and worked by the waves. They are then heated on the fire and used to run the strokes deeper and transfer warmth to needy tissues.





Based on neuro-bio-physio-mechanics principles and the stimulation of somatic sensor receptors in the derma and beyond.

Applied when necessary after a massage session.

Cancellation policy

The appointment for a massage or consultation requested by the client by email or phone will be reminded 1 or 2 days before the due date. If the client does not cancel or reschedule before 24 hours, and does not attend the treatment, the payment will be due fully.

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Silvia Pinca,      PhD.Sc., AdvDipHS (Nat.,HerbMed.,NutMed.), CertIV (Mass.Ther.)

Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy - Nutritionist, Herbalist - Massage Practitioner Yoga Thai & Lomilomi

PhD Marine Environmental Sciences

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