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Manuka and Kanuka, good not only for honey

I started to collect seeds from kanuka and manuka, the tea trees of New Zealand. These amazing tough trees might have gained popularity around the world for the honey that introduced bees produce from their nectar but they have another and way more important function in NZ. They are the first colonizers of a bare land, the pioneer species that grow before anybody else and produce shade for other plants to arrive and establish a new forest. They are extremely prolific, do not live long but enough to prepare soil and conditions for the coming forest. Spreading seeds of manuka and kanuka fastens the reforestation process. This is what I have been doing on our land, after finding a lot of berries that will release millions of seeds: cut tea trees heads that hang too low on our driveway, bundle them up and prepare them to carry them on to the naked or poor areas of the reforestation land and spread them around. A lot of walking with a lot of tree stuff, oh I wish I had a donkey!!

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