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Death and rebirth

I keep cutting down (killing, really) wildling pines and gum trees. I'm to 7128 pines and 564 eucaliptus, thanks also to Jarrid and Kayla's help who joined me in a couple of missions with their tools and their skills. However, it is also season to collect the fruits from the nearby forest, our home bush, the Parangara 'ahu sanctuary. I went on a searching and collecting mission, led to the best spots by Nick. Sure enough, following the native New Zealand Pigeon's (kereru) flying paths and favorite perching spots, we found an amazing source of karaka seeds, that the pigeon is really crazy about. After saving them in a bag, I carried them home for the treatment: washing, soaking, filtering, and packing in the fridge for a few weeks before planting them. And today, Nick found a whole bunch of totara seeds, eaten and excreted kindly by a passing wild pig. The beginning of the nursery!

Totara seeds

Karaka Seeds

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