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Another day facing pines.

Another day, this time not far from the Te Araroa, facing east, lots of large pines. I wonder if my pruning saw will work! And it did, and cut down 253 of these impostors! Not to talk about the 4 moth plants and the wholly nightshade: winning over them, a tough fight. This job will last months......but it's needed.

I was recently asked a question: Why eliminating pines? are they not absorbin CO2 anyway? Well, our goal is not ONLY carbon sequestration, but also ecological restoration, enhancement of species, conservation of biodiversity, waterways and moisture, protection from fires, all services that a foreign species (Canadian Pine) forest cannot offer. Furthermore, in the long term, a native forests sucks u MORE CO2 than a pine forest, due to a slower, constant growth (

Moth plant, seriously invasive!

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